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Character Bios:



His pokemon are, Bura - his Umbreon, and Ratiosu - his baby Latios.
Makkura has a caring personality. He likes to roam around at night, making him not being well known. Some people claim that he is a thief. Makkura just ignores those false accusations. Tortured by a traumatic past, he has a scar running across his left eye.


Her pokemon are, Eifi - her Espeon, and Ratiasu - her baby Latias.
Hoshi is not a night person. A former member of Team Kurayami, she is very calm and she cares deeply about Makkura. She is said to have connections in high places...



Bura is usually calm. He has been with Makkura ever since he was five. He is very protective. Sometimes, he says that Makkura and Hoshi like each other. They just argue that they are just friends


Ratiosu was Makkura's first hatched pokemon. Still very young, he is sometimes foolish and gets into trouble. He denies every attempt that Bura does to convince him that Makkura and Hoshi are a couple. Since he can sense emotions, he fears that Bura may be right.