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Cheats E


The Berry Master's Wife Codes
When you visit the Berry Master's House, be sure to talk to his wife. She'll ask you if you've heard any good sayings. If you tell her some special phrases, she'll give you some rare berries as a reward.
Code Effect
Super Hustle Belue Berry
COOL LATIAS Get a Random Berry
Challenge Contest Pamtre Berry
Great Battle Spelon Berry
Overwhelming Latias Watmel Berry
COOL LATIOS You will get a Durin Berry


Battle Frontier
Once you beat the game, you can go to the Battle Frontier.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Battle Frontier Beat the Elite Four.


Battle Frontier- Catching pokemon
When you first explore the battle frontier, go to the BATTLE PALACE, and go to the southwest corner. SURF to the other side, and you will first see a little old lady.
continue down the path south of the lady until you notice a strange tree that moves when you press A.
This is a sudowoodo, origianlly found in the GSC versions.
To battle it, use the WAILMER PAIL on it. You have only one chance to catch it, so don't screw it up.

After that, you can SURF on the water that the Sudowoodo was blocking. SURF down the WATERFALL, and keep surfing left (there are no fish or anything in the water, so don't bother.)

After a while, you will surf to a cave known as the ARTISTAN CAVE. Go inside, and as you explore the cave, you will find many stat items in the boulders (carbos, etc.) The only pokemon in this cave is SMEARGLE. (hence, the ARTISTAN cave.) The SMEARGLE are generally level 41 to 50. They can only use sketch once before they start struggling.

Catching GSC Pokemon At The Safari Zone
After you defeated the Elite Four, go to the Upgraded Safari Zone. In the Safari, you can catch some GSC Pokemon such as Houndour, Aipom, Stantler, Mareep, Miltank, and more GSC Pokemon. This Unlockable works only in Pokemon Emerald.
Catching Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon
In Emerald, you can catch all three legendarys at level 70.

Only Rayquaza is available BEFORE defeating the elite four, and Rayquaza is found in the Sky Pillar. Use the Mach bike to get to the top. Pokemon in the tower are pretty weak, around level 35.

Groudon and Kyogre can only be found AFTER the elite four, and you have to go back to the WEATHER INSTITUTE to find out where the legendary is hiding. (Kyogre is in an underwater cave, Groudon is in a cave.)

You do not need the orbs to call Groudon or Kyogre, so don't bother going back to Mt. Pyre.

How to get johto starters
First, you must have your pokedex completely filled up. Go back to professer birch. Talk to him. He will let you choose one of the three johto starters: chikorita, totodile or cyndaquil.
National Pokedex
Unlockable How to Unlock
National Pokedex Beat the Elite 4. Proffessor Birch will visit you and give it to you once you leave your house.


The Diploma
Unlockable How to Unlock
National Pokedex Diploma Capture all 386 pokemon in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer.


Trainer Card Color Upgrades
As you accomplish more along your journey, your Trainer Card will change colors and rise in rank, depending on completing certain tasks. After completing one task, it will rise in one rank, but there are some tasks that cannot be completed until beating the Elite Four. You must do these tasks:

-Become Pokemon league Champion
-Complete the Hoenn Pokedex
-Collect all the gold symbols in the Battle Frontier
-Win one ribbon in all five of the Master Rank Pokemon Contests.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Bronze Rank Do one of the tasks mentioned above.
Copper Rank Do two of the tasks mentioned above.
Gold Rank Do all four of the tasks mentioned above.
Silver Rank Do three of the tasks mentioned above



Unlock the Diploma
Unlockable How to Unlock
Pokemon Diploma Catch all 202 pokemon in your pokedex. Then go to the hotel in Lilycove City and talk to the Game Designer.


Easter Eggs
Getting Latias Or Latios
After you defeat the Elite Four, go to your house and watch the television downstairs. After you watch it, your mom will ask you what color the Pokemon is. If you say Red, you will find Latias. If you say Blue, it will be Latios.
Getting the other Lati
To get the other Lati (Latios or Latias), Mix Records with a Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire game that used the Eon Ticket. You can then get to a hidden island via the SS Tidal where you can find the Lati you didn't choose.
Shiny pokemon
Every time you encounter a pokemon you have a 1/8192 chance of the pokemon being a different color, this is called a shiny pokemon
Catch Lati@s in less then 5 minutes.
Follow these steps to catch Latios/Latias in less than 5 minutes.

1.) Buy 5 of any kind of repel.
2.) Go get the Acro Bike.
3.) Get a LV40 Pokemon and put it in the lead (Preferably Wobbuffet).
4.) Go to the Bike Path Entrance north of Slateport.
5.) Go into the grass patch right outside of the entrance and get on the Acro Bike.
6.) Use a repel and hop on the bike for about 20 seconds (Hold A).
7.) If it doesn't appear, enter the building and then exit. The Lati@s position should reset.
8.) Repeat steps 5-7 until it appears. You should find it within a few minutes!

Faster hatching eggs
Simply put a pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor on your team to cut the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg in half.
Mystery Gift
To unlock mystery gift, go to a pokemon mart and press A on the piece of paper on the counter. Then insert the words LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL. Press select to easily find the words. After this the store lady will talk to you and tell you that mystery gift is now unlocked.
Unlimited Safari Zone Steps
Pay 500 to go to the Safari Zone. Go to a grass patch. Stay in the patch and don't walk. Just press the arrow buttons softly like a 90 degree angle and you might catch a rare pokemon without wasting your 500 steps!
Volt Tackle
First, you need the following:

Pikachu (Male OR Female, or both)
Raichu (Male OR Female, or both)
Ditto, if you don't have a Male or Female
A Light Ball

First, get a Light Ball by catching Pikachu in the Safari Zone. This is VERY rare, so be patient.

After you get it, put in the two inductees (preferably 2 Pikachus, since you must've captured thousands by now) and make sure one of them has a Light Ball. After you get the egg, hatch it into a Pichu. Amongst any moves passed down my its father, it'll know Volt Tackle, the Electric-type Double-Edge.

Note that this will ONLY work in Emerald and NOT Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, or Leaf Green.